Kalgera makes it easy for individuals and organisations to get up to speed on what you should be doing to best service your vulnerable customers.

Vulnerability Masterclass

Kalgera’s Vulnerability Masterclass, built in collaboration with the London Institute of Banking and Finance, launched in Autumn 2022.

This unique offering combines neuroscience behind vulnerability with the practical realities of managing vulnerability in finance, including in both risk and regulation.

Our masterclass is CPD accredited

Kalgera's vulnerability training for financial institutions proudly holds a CPD accreditation, a recognised mark of quality and relevance within the professional community.

This ensures our course is continually updated to provide the most current and valuable knowledge, fostering proactive learning and skill enhancement. It offers the dual advantage of enhancing both individual career prospects and the effectiveness of your entire organization.
Promotes high standards of service and ethics.
Increases efficiency and productivity within your organization.
Ensures up-to-date knowledge and skills.

What your teams will learn

This course will teach you and/or your teams to master the intricacies of financial vulnerability, its regulatory landscape, and strategies to support vulnerable customers effectively.
Gain a deeper understanding of what financial vulnerability is and how it manifests itself in practice
Identify, explore and explain the drivers of financial vulnerability and how they impact outcomes
Consider and discuss financial vulnerability regulation and legislation
Develop strategies to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of vulnerable customers
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