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Kalgera, a London-based RegTech, is the first line of defence for financial institutions who want to actively support its most vulnerable customers. By helping the finance sector identify customer vulnerability through transactional data, Kalgera creates better outcomes for the customer and the financial institution itself.

We are committed to working with banks through several avenues to comply with the FCA's Consumer Duty Act. Kalgera’s state-of-the-art technology uses 11 parallel AI models to pinpoint vulnerability to financial abuse and low financial resilience with greater precision.
Our Story

Finding the pain point

Dr Dexter Penn noticed a considerable proportion of those he looked after with cognitive or mental health problems were not supported by financial institutions. The right technology and internal processes did not exist to identify financially vulnerable people and prioritise them for support.

Identifying those at risk of harm early on will be crucial in mitigating risk. Many institutions are spending considerable money on billboards and marketing to say they are 'there to help' those suffering financially, yet for many people, it is too little, too late. Furthermore, the shame, guilt and embarrassment of approaching the bank for help means that only a few people are coming forward to get the support they need. Compare this to a world where the bank identifies vulnerable customers first, makes contact with them and is compelled to resolve the issue proactively and adequately. It results in a win/win for everyone involved.

Ultimately, Kalgera’s mission is to support financial institutions to protect its vulnerable customers at lower compliance costs.

Dr Penn's experience is unique to those in fintech, as he is a doctor actively researching issues around financial vulnerability and sees NHS patients at the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology. His expertise places him at the heart of the challenge daily with a full 360-degree view from a mission standpoint. Coupled with the team’s decades-long expertise in financial services, the business benefits from a strong human-led backbone/approach.

Our Values

At Kalgera, we believe that strong values are the backbone of our company, guiding us in every endeavor we undertake.
Being socially driven
As a for profit socially driven organisation, we are committed to leveraging our financial technology to make a positive impact on vulnerable customers and society as a whole.
Working with integrity
Working with unwavering integrity, we ensure transparency and trust in all our interactions, both within our team and with our valued partners and clients.
Having compassion
Our team embraces a culture of compassion, recognising the importance of empathy and understanding in our approach to supporting vulnerable customers and building meaningful relationships.
Our culture

Creating a culture embraces diversity and empowers innovation

At Kalgera, our culture fosters an environment of continuous learning, collaboration, and inclusivity, where every team member's unique perspectives are valued and celebrated.
"Working at Kalgera has been an inspiring journey. Our remote setup brings together a community of passionate individuals from different backgrounds, and our shared commitment to making a positive impact on vulnerable customers truly makes it a remarkable and fulfilling experience."
Sash Margrie Hunt
CPO at Kalgera

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