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Secure their finances

Kalgera alerts carers, loved ones or friends when suspicious activity is detected on monitored bank accounts. Simple messages to a smartphone, laptop or tablet provide peace of mind online and offline.

We care as much as you do

No matter who you support, Kalgera’s systems are designed to help prevent financial harm to those who may be vulnerable. Be made aware of suspicious activity as soon as it happens so you can step in.

Simple protection for all

We know that the range of people susceptible to financial fraud is broad. From those starting to use online banking and wanting extra reassurance, to those who are at risk of fraud every day as their needs change. No matter how convincing the fraudster’s story – Kalgera helps protect those close to you from significant financial loss.

“I wish I had this five years ago. My father fell victim to a series of scams and we only realised once he lost everything.”
- Derek
“We so desperately needed this practical tool. My son has mental disabilities and it helps me keep him out of trouble online.”
- Anna
“I didn’t want to stop my husband doing things he enjoys due to his dementia. This protects without taking away indpendence.”
- Stephanie

How Kalgera works

Our alert system lets you know if there are questions about the account you have been trusted to monitor and will help you take quick action. Kalgera is not a bank, but our system works seamlessly with bank accounts by using smart, safe technology for continual reassurance.

Security matters for everyone

We need to check your identity as the person trusted to help the individual you support with financial matters. This information is only used when you set up Kalgera’s app to help safeguard the person you care for. The details and documents you provide are accessible only for the duration of the identity verification check and will be deleted immediately when it is complete. Your identity documents are never stored on our system.

Here’s what you’ll need

Person giving support:

  • Email address
  • ID (Passport / Drivers Licence)
  • Device with a built in camera

Person receiving support:

  • Online banking details
  • Email address
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Our story

To make Kalgera a reality, dedicated professionals working in finance and technology joined Dr Dexter Penn, a UCL dementia researcher, to develop a simple tool to address the serious problems vulnerable people face every day.

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Press, awards and partners

Since our launch, Kalgera has been winning awards and endorsements from these trusted names.

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