Our purpose

Kalgera was born from a desire to better protect the financially vulnerable. It is designed to have the greatest impact for the widest possible community. We do this by enabling banks and other financial institutions to identify and protect vulnerable customers from financial harm through our Artificial Intelligence platform.

Managing risk & compliance

We help financial institutions manage risk and comply with FCA vulnerability guidelines, while improving understanding of all customers and their changing needs. Kalgera safeguards your customers while securing your reputation.

Using AI tools to spot threats

Our platform uses cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience research to analyse financial behaviour captured in transaction data. This is processed with ‘deep tech’ data science to interpret financial behaviour. This proprietary process automatically self-improves using AI.

Improve efficiency

We create value through improved efficiency. We help distinguish between normal activity and potential abuse, enabling better allocation of resources and reducing operational costs. It allows you to pro-actively manage risk while also providing new customer insights.

More personalised customer safeguarding

Our financial vulnerability detection system quickly identifies customers who are at risk and interprets their behaviour. We implement and scale on your infrastructure with no disruption to your operations. Preventing harm to customers from fraud and scams will become seamless and more intuitive, without costly technical development for your institution.

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