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A new Consumer Duty: what is your organisation doing?

For the first time, financial services providers will now have to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of all retail customers…

Fears of a spike in vulnerability on the anniversary of the FCA guidance on protecting vulnerable customers 

This week marks a year since the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued guidance to financial institutions for the fair treatment…

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Fears of a Spike in Financially Vulnerable Brits on ‘Divorce Day’

London, 10 January: As we approach what is unofficially known as ‘Divorce Day’ – the first working Monday following the Christmas period when law firms typically see a spike in divorce filings – new research warns of a potential spike in the number of brits who are financially vulnerable.


December 01, 2021, London – Kalgera, which enables banks and financial institutions to identify and protect vulnerable customers from financial…

Kalgera vulnerability platform for identifying vulnerable customers

Kalgera launches platform to help banks spot and protect vulnerable customers

Concern that Covid is driving “hidden vulnerability” FCA issued guidance to firms to take action to protect vulnerable customers 09…

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How banks and building societies are affected by new FCA guidelines regarding vulnerable customers

Protecting and helping vulnerable customers is an opportunity for banks to build trust and increase financial inclusion Earlier this year,…

advisory board to support Kalgera in protecting vulnerable customers

Kalgera unveils new advisory board as it seeks to support banks in protecting vulnerable customers

July 14th 2021 London – Kalgera is unveiling its new advisory board today as the company sets its strategy for…

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Why Diversity is Essential in Startup Teams

Although the Kalgera team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, our values and motivations for creating this technology are shared. This inclusion and alignment of values has contributed to some fascinating and productive team discussions on how to improve the suitability and accessibility of Kalgera’s novel solution for all its users.

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Financial Inclusion: Can we all be a part of a FinTech Future?

Older and vulnerable people may be missing out on the benefits that fintech can bring, especially if they are dismissed under the assumption that only young adults are tech savvy. Kalgera is among various fintech companies actively address this problem and the team is creating a digital platform to protect the finances of older people tailored to meet their specific needs.

How data portability can improve our lives

Data is knowledge but is meaningless until it is processed and interpreted in context at which point it becomes information on which a judgement or decision can be taken. This article, the first in a series, will examine the social, political and economic opportunities of open data and the potential impact on people and business.

Mind your Mental Health

It has been an extremely challenging few weeks and many of us have struggled with the health and economic fallout of the lockdown and social distancing. The world has been irrevocably changed and we too must change with it by being more resilient.